The Answer to the World’s Problems

What is the Answer to the World’s Problems?

The Answer to the World's Problems video thumbnail imageMy wife, Margaret, and I recently attended a conference with Joyce Meyer. Today I want to tell you about one of my take-aways from that conference and answer the question: What is the answer to the world’s problems?

During the conference one of the things she talked about was putting your intentions into action. She told a story about someone who prayed to God and said, “You are the answer to the world’s problems.” The answer they received was, “No I’m not. You are.”

That struck me as I was sitting in the audience and listening to the story. So often, many of us pray for things. If you’re a believer then the higher power does, in fact, hold the answer to solving the many world problems. Everything from famine to social issues. It’s not always a matter of looking to that higher power to solve the issues for us, however.  On the contrary, I believe that we have within us everything we need to be the solution to these problems.

We all have what we need to effect change

You have everything you need to deal with the problems you face. Every situation you deal with isn’t necessarily surmountable. You can’t always change things that happen to you, of course.

For example, we all face loss in our life, such as the passing of a loved one. We can’t, of course, change that they passed. We can change our mindset, however. We can choose the meaning that their passing has in our lives. What do we choose to focus on? Do we choose to focus on the loss and the void we feel? We all need to grieve, of course. But we can also choose to focus on the positive, such as being grateful for having that person in our lives for the time we did. We can be grateful for learning important lessons an values from them, if that’s the case.

What is the answer the world’s problems? We are. Me, you, and every one of us. We have everything we need to deal with the issues we face. We have the power to change the world. We can start with our own lives.

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