Be Willing to Invest in Yourself

MT016 Invest in Yourself thumbnail imageAre you willing to invest in yourself?

Most of us are all too familiar with the need to spend money on other people and on things. We spend money on our cars for gas, oil changes, and sometimes repairs. Chances are this applies to you, as well. But are you willing to invest in yourself? If not, why not?

We spend money on housing, such as rent for an apartment or mortgage payment on a house. We also pay for insurance, cleaning, school supplies for our kids, and a host of other things. Far too many of us don’t give a thought to spending money on ourselves for our personal development.

Can you imagine going to a bank and asking for a loan to fund a huge project when our credit is poor and we have no other investors or collateral? It’s the same with our personal growth. Don’t expect other people to arbitrarily give you a new position or a promotion at work if you’re not willing to invest in yourself. You need to show your employer that you’re investing your own time (and maybe money) in making yourself more valuable as an employee. It comes down to this: Why should anyone else consider investing in you if you won’t bank on yourself?

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffet

One of the best ‘invest in yourself’ quotes I’ve heard is from Warren Buffet; “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” Ultimately it comes down to this: Money we invest somewhere else may return an investment and it may not. The outcome depends entirely upon outside forces and economics. When we invest in ourselves, however, the outcome is entirely dependent upon us. And when we invest in our own personal growth, that investment invariably returns dividends down the road.

“For every $1 you invest in yourself, it will return $30 to your bottom line.” – Brian Tracy

Consider this quote from Brian Tracy. “For every $1 you invest in yourself, it will return $30 to your bottom line.” How can that be? It’s simple. By investing in our personal growth we become wiser and better stewards of our finances. We develop better habits and sharpen the skills that all contribute to better management of our time and our resources. This compounds over time, bringing more abundance into our lives.

Watch this short video for a few more of my thoughts about why you should be willing to invest in yourself.

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