What is the biggest obstacle to your success?

What is the biggest obstacle to your success?

MT004 Thumb Biggest obstacle to successWhat’s the biggest obstacle to achieving your success? The answer may surprise you. I’ll give you a hint; it’s not something external. How’s that for a give-away? Watch this video to discover what the biggest obstacle is and how you can crush it.

No matter how many excuses we can find to explain why we can’t do something, the fact of the matter is that those excuses are only given power in our mind. Tony Robbins teaches that in order to have better outcomes we need to ask ourselves better questions, because our brains are wired to automatically try to come up with an answer to any question we ask ourselves.

“Why am I so fat?” we might ask ourselves, and our brain goes to work to answer the question. “You’re so fat because you’re a pig and you eat too much!” Well, that’s not very productive. As you can see, asking the wrong questions very easily leads to negative self-talk.

Instead, we should be asking better questions. “What’s the best way to get my weight down so I can be healthier and happier?” As you read that, imagine the kind of thought process that goes on as your mind tries to answer that question. It’s very different, right?

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