My Three Biggest Take-a-ways from I Am Not Your Guru

My three biggest take-a-ways from I Am Not Your Guru

My Three Biggest Take-aways from I Am Not Your Guru thumbnailIn this video I give you my three biggest take-a-ways from I Am Not Your Guru, the new Tony Robbins documentary. There were so many things I learned that it’s difficult to narrow it down to just three biggies, but I’ve done it for you.

Here they are.

1. Your decisions control the quality of your life. Our day to day decisions – both great and small – have a huge impact on the quality of our life. In fact, our decisions are what determine our outcomes. Everything that we do and however we respond to what happens to us, determines the life we lead. If we make bad decisions daily, our life will undoubtedly head in a negative direction. Likewise, consistently positive decisions will lead us to a vastly different destination. Darren Hardy talks about this extensively in his book The Compound Effect (a great book; highly recommended).

2. What aren’t you doing that you should be doing? This is a powerful framing question. It makes the listener think about the answer. What aren’t I doing that I should be doing? It causes one to actively consider what they should be doing. In effect, it asks a question that causes the listener to immediately consider the answer.

One of my coaching mentors taught me that people don’t need to be told how to solve a problem. Instead, people just need to be guided to help them discover their own solution. In a Motivational Interviewing class, this was referred to as helping someone find their “intrinsic motivation.” This is important to do because without a compelling, personal reason to make change, people simple won’t change.

As the oft-quoted Nido Qubein once said, “We don’t want to change until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.”

3. Push will wear you out. Without an intrinsic motivator we have to rely on willpower to push through obstacle and challenges to achieve a goal. The reality is that “push” will wear you out. When we’re driven to accomplish something from our passion we have nearly boundless energy. A huge compelling belief that we must do something makes it infinitely easier than if we have to rely on willpower or “push” alone.

Watch my video to get some more insights and observations from yours truly about these three take-a-ways from the film.

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