Catching Up to 2015

Boy, do I have some exciting news for you! I have a bunch of stuff to catch you up on.

First off, I owe you an apology. Between the holidays, family issues, flying back to New York to film a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Anti-Smoking Tips campaign, expanding my international business, creating a new nonprofit organization, promoting my book (Semicolon), launching a new business venture (more about that below), scheduling speaking engagements, and so on… Like Prince Humperdink, I’ve been swamped!

Because of my being tied up with other projects, my blog has suffered. The end result is that you have not received the material that I said you would when you signed up for the mailing list. For that I apologize. The good news is there’s going to be more to see very soon! I’m going to be posting new content to the Join Me For Success site on a regular basis again. Yay!

For right now, let me catch you up on what’s been going on the last few months:

Happy Holidays!

I hope your holidays were phenomenal. You deserve the very best and all the happiness and blessings you can handle! My family and I had a good holiday. We stayed home at Christmas and exchanged gifts. Afterward we had a cozy brunch of prime rib, fixings, fresh pie, and more coffee. Very laid back and full of warmth and love, just like we like it.

I’ll See You on the Tube

Photo of Mark and the PSA Director Chris

Me and the PSA Director, Chris, at the Hotel Edison.

As some of you may know, I flew back to New York in September to film a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tips From Former Smokers Campaign for 2015.

My wife and daughter joined me for the first few days and we did a ton of sight-seeing. We fit an amazing amount of tourist stuff into just a couple of days! Here’s some mashed up video I shot during our trip.

[vsw id=”TfR1XtpnVkQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Photo of Mark in his PSA wardrobe

This is what you’ll see me wearing in the PSA and print ads.

I also shot the photos for the “print campaign,” which is advertising lingo for “the magazine ads, billboards, etc.” Yes, I’m told I’m going to be on a billboard somewhere. Hopefully not near a freeway, because this mug could stop traffic and I don’t want to be responsible for shutting down a major turnpike.

The reason I was selected was to represent smokers who’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, which has been linked to smoking. Some of you may recall, I am a colon cancer survivor, which is also the topic of my latest book, Semicolon.

I’m told the campaign will launch around the end of March. That’s less than 60 days away! My PSA should begin airing about that time. So if you see me on TV, that’s why. I’m excited and a bit anxious about being on nationwide TV. TO be honest I don’t know what to expect. The most exciting thing, however, is the possibility that I will reach people and motivate them to get screened for colon cancer. Having any role in saving lives is gratifying, and I feel very honored to have been chosen by the CDC for this role.

It’s Just Business

Photo of Mark and James Adlam

Me and one of the most dynamic and inspirational men I’ve ever known, Sr. VP James Adlam

Our international business continues to grow. My partners are expanding like crazy in Latin America and they have opened up an amazing new headquarters office in Mexico City! Locally our team continues to grow, and we are still supporting and working with our teams in Indiana and Illinois.

My wife and I travelled back to Cleveland, Ohio, for a huge company event (more than 20,000 people attended!). It was fantastic. The training and speakers are unmatched in the industry, in my opinion. There were more promotions than I could count, which is a good thing! Everyone continues to be fired up about our business, us included!

Afterward we went to Illinois to visit for a week before coming home. Things were exploding in Illinois and we were kept very busy supporting our new business partners, providing training, and meeting lots of new people. It was going so well that my wife opted to stay behind and she continued to support our Illinois team for another three weeks! I’m super proud of her and the leadership in Illinois. They’re awesome.

Now that we’re back in Sacramento my wife has taken the reins again and is leading our Northern California team. She’s a true servant leader, learning every chance she gets, and implementing those things that she feels will benefit our other leaders.

Happy New Year!

One of the coolest things about watching the New Year’s Eve event and watching the ball drop on TV was seeing our daughter point to the television and hearing her exclaim, “Hey, we’ve been there!” That kind of memory is priceless.

There’s more to come in the next blog entry!

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