The Compound Effect (Review)

A Review of The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect Review video thumbnail imageDarren Hardy was the Publisher of Success Magazine and he is a very successful entrepreneur. In his book, The Compound Effect, he explains one of the most powerful forces that helps shape our lives. As Darren Hardy says in the book, “This book is about success and what it really takes to earn it.”

The concept is pretty simple. Those little decisions we make daily, when combined over the long term, result in big changes in our lives.

One example that Hardy uses three men, all the same fitness level, average height and weight, etc. One of the men eats reasonably well. One of the other men eats about the same but he adds a small bag of potato chips and a soda at lunch each day. The third man eats healthier and he walks an extra mile each day for exercise. In the first few months we don’t see much change among the three men as a result of the minor differences in their lifestyles. But then the compound effect starts to kick in.

“No matter what you learn, what strategy or tactic you employ, success comes as the result of the Compound Effect.” – Darren Hardy

After 18 months, however, the first man is about the same as he’s been. The one who eats the extra chips and soda is now 30 pounds heavier and at higher risk of developing heart disease. The one who ate better and walked an extra mile each day has lost 15 pounds and is in better overall physical health.

What’s in the book

In the first chapter, Hardy discusses the Compound effect in action. The second chapter talks about choices and how even small, seemingly trivial decisions can compound into big results (positive or negative). Chapter three addresses habits and how our habits, more than anything else, shape our future. Chapter four talks about Momentum (or “Big Mo,” as Hardy likes to call it). The fifth chapter talks about Influences in our life and how they impact our decision making (and thus, our futures). The sixth chapter addresses Acceleration, one of the results of the compound effect.

Online Resources

To support the book, Darren Hardy has made a number of free resources available, including a free PDF of the first chapter of The Compound Effect, on Also available from the web site are worksheets (available in English, Spanish and French) covering a variety of topics: Gratitude Assessment; Core Values Assessment; Life Assessment; Goal Designing; Habit Assessment; Weekly Rhythm Register; Input Influences; and an Association Evaluator worksheet.

All in all, you’re not just buying a book but a workbook and a goal-setting program, as well! The Compound Effect is an incredible wealth of information and tips to achieving great success.

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