Don’t make yourself so busy that you lose sight of what’s important

Jeff Mackintosh photoI recently reconnected with an old friend from years ago after learning he had a rare form of cancer. Back in the ’90s when we met, I was a fledgling publisher and he had bravely entered the Print on Demand (POD) arena and he shared his insights with me.

After we reconnected we chatted online and I told him what his friendship meant to me.

Less than 4 days later he passed away.

I’ve not known what to say. I will always remember him fondly. I will remember his humor and warmth as much as his courage. Over the last couple weeks since his passing, I’ve stayed quiet and I’ve stayed busy, trying to process his loss and the emotions and memories that loss brought up.My best advice is this:

Looking back, my best advice is this:

Don’t make yourself so busy that you lose sight of what’s important. We all get busy with life. That’s why it’s important to intentionally stop and take stock of things. Don’t just smell the roses, touch their velvety petals. Take a look at how many are there. Notice anyone else smelling them. Be bold, say hello.

Life is made of a series of moments. Don’t let it pass by in one.

And for goodness sake, ask that cute girl out! Make that sales call! Apply for that dream position! Do that adventurous thing! Life is going to happen. It can be full of joy and abundance and excitement if you’re willing to try, and fail, and try again!

Even in dark times, face the darkness and do your best. That’s how winning is done.

Rest In Peace, Jeff.

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