Dream Killers

JMFS 016 Video Thumb - Dream killersHave you ever shared your dream or passion with someone, only to have them tell you all the reasons why it won’t work or why it’s not a good idea? How do you react to these “dream killers?”

It’s easy to let negative thoughts creep into our heads. It’s almost human nature to be negative, although I think much of that is “programmed” into our thinking through our lives.

Dream killers are often times people who gave up on a dream of their own, and they don’t want to see other people see a dream fulfilled because they never accomplished their own. It’s the “crabs in a bucket” scenario that Darren Hardy talks about.

Check out my video below and hear what I have to say about dream killers, how to avoid them, and why it’s important┬ánot to become one yourself.

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