Follow Your Passion and You Can Change Lives

imageWe had another great session at The Overcomers ministry this evening. There were several new faces, which are always welcome. I made a change to the night’s topic and played Nick Vujicic’s video, No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. (For more information about Nick Vujicic visit his website at We also had a nice, though brief, open chat session.

One participant asked me for some help with a personal issue. While I tried to offer some guidance, I told him ultimately he’ll have to handle it himself and he can do it.

I get a lot from these sessions, and I trust they do, too. I would love to do more speaking engagements there (at least once a week), at Juvenile Hall, at youth centers, halfway houses, jails, and even prisons.

Everyone has the power within them to make positive change. Some of them just need to be shown how. Imagine reducing a state’s recidivism rate by one, five or even ten percent! Imagine the impact that would have. Fewer victims, less property damage, a reduction is criminal justice costs, etc.

I’m not naive enough to believe that everyone I speak to will make that change, but if I reach even one out of every 100 people I talk to, isn’t it worth it? The ratio has been much better, thus far, both in the in-custody class I co-facilitated in the local jail and at The Overcomers ministry where I volunteer my time. I love connecting with others and sharing what I’ve learned. Like I tell my class,

My goal is to introduce them to simple ideas that can radically change their lives.

Following my passion has already changed mine.


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