Friends for a Season

JMFS 015 Video Thumb - Friends for a seasonThere are some friends who are put in our lives for a reason. There are other friends who are put in our lives for a season.

I had a “friend” who I’d met several years ago through business. They lived in another state. I recently was in that state and got in touch with them and suggested we get together for coffee. That person told me “I’m really busy. I’m laser focused and don’t have time for any distractions. Sorry.”

“Too busy to meet for coffee? Okay,” I thought. “I understand.” That same week I’m in their city they’re posting on Facebook about going out on the town, hitting the local sports game, etc. Obviously those weren’t considered “distractions” like I would have been.

Check out my video below and see if you agree with how I handled it.

We all have fake “friends” in our life. I’d hoped this person would have been more “real” but I found out they aren’t. They’re not someone I want to spend time and energy on developing a relationship with. So I won’t. Now there’s room in my life for one more totally awesome person!

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