Giving Thanks to Fallen Veterans this Memorial Day

Mark Arsenault on HMMWV manning M-60 during Desert StormA quote uttered at the funeral of a serviceman states, “Only soldiers understand how the terrors of war and the horrors of the battlefield affect the soul.” I believe this is true and yet generations of men and women veterans have taken up arms and fought alongside one another. Many have paid the ultimate price.

Whether or not one agrees with the purpose behind any given conflict this nation has engaged its young men and women in, we all owe each of the fallen a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

My life has been touched by them in a number of ways. My future, the freedoms I enjoy, and the opportunities that lay before me, were all purchased with their sacrifice. I remember them every day but today, on Memorial Day in particular, we honor them.

So I say “Thank you.” The words aren’t enough but indeed…┬áThank you.

The poem, Not Free, by Roger W. Hancock, sums up nicely my feelings about liberty and freedom. It goes:

Nothing is ever free,
though to you it be.
Somewhere, somehow,
someone paid.

Below is a short film titled Revellie. It brings a generational perspective to the topic. It’s about nine minutes long but worth watching. Happy Memorial Day.


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