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JMFS 08 2015-04-03 ThumbI got to thinking last night; What if I was dying? What would I regret most for not having done? There are a lot of things I’ve wanted to do, but there are a few things I put off for the longest time. Which of those things would I regret not doing before I passed?

This thought was in my head and ultimately I learned an important lesson.

Watch this video for my take-away.



Did you receive value from that video? I sure hope so.

I know that there are people out there who really are dying. This message was in no way meant to belittle that fact or minimize their situation. I almost died a couple times in my life (once in the Gulf War and once from cancer). The fact of the matter is that everyone is dying.

My message was meant for those who are not facing immediate threat of death and who are taking their lives and opportunities for granted, like I have. Whatever it is you would do if you found out you were dying… go do it!

I have much love for all of you. Take care.


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