Go For It! Take the Time to Do Something for Someone Else

Mark Arsenault gives the thumbs up signSometimes in life you have to just go for it! Today is one of those days. For an early birthday gift my wife arranged for me to have a day off from work and set up a special out-of-town event for me. I’m going to be doing something I’ve never done before and I can hardly wait. I’ll post a video later – in the next day or so – to share what is no doubt going to be an amazing and exciting day!

The fact that my wife did something special for me is wonderful, to be sure. What means the most is the time, effort and thought that went into it. She contacted a mutual friend and explained what she wanted to do. That friend made the connection with a decision-maker at my work who gave the needed approvals. All of this occurred without me knowing about it. How cool is that?

You can do the same thing for someone. Think about what you could do for someone else that they would enjoy. It can be something as simple as a short love note and flower for a significant other or bringing a coffee for a valued co-worker. It’s not the cost of what you do, it’s the value that matters. What do I mean by that? Your thought and time have great value, much more than money.

Think about this example (paraphrased from Simon Sinek). If a friend came to work and said, “Hey, I just donated a dollar to a homeless guy on the way to work,” how would you react?

What if they said they gave twenty dollars?

Now, what if that person came to work and said, “I spent one of my days off helping to clean up and paint an elementary school in the inner city.” Wow. That expenditure of time has much more value than simply donating money.

Our time is valuable because it can’t be replaced. That’s why I donate my time teaching a class at a local ministry.

Think about how you can give some of your time to give back and make a difference in someone’s life. I promise it’ll be worth it.

I have to get ready to go. My wife has an action packed day for me that promises to be one I’ll never forget! I’ll tell you about it in a coming blog post.



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