How I Quit Smoking

In this video reveal the secret to how I finally quit smoking, after dozens of attempts, and finally stopped using all tobacco products for good.

JMFS 025 How I Quit Smoking imageI’ve been asked a lot of questions since first appearing in the Tips from Former Smokers PSA. I’ve been asked about my symptoms, about my book, whether I still have a colostomy bag, and a number of other questions.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How did you quit smoking?”

In this video I reveal the secret to how I quit smoking and finally stopped using all tobacco products. It’s not a “secret” at all, really. But for those who want to know, here it is.

It’s a little longer than most of my videos because I expanded on three important points that contributed to my quitting (There’s also a reference to something I learned from Tony Robbins). Bear with me, however. I think it’ll be worth it.

Watch this video to learn the secret to how I quit smoking.

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If you’d like to watch the two “vignettes” that the CDC did from my interview you can watch them here:




Originally published on August 1, 2015.





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