How to know if you’re meant to do what you’re doing

How do you know if you’re meant to do what you’re doing?

MT001 Thumbnail How to Know If Youre Meant to Do What Youre DoingI recently watched a video posted by someone I know. In their video they expressed a feeling of defeat because the project they’d been working on didn’t seem to be what they were supposed to do. Most notably, they said they felt they were trying to be something they weren’t and needed to spend time being who they were. In short, they didn’t feel they were meant to do the thing they were doing.

That got me thinking about something; how do you know if you’re meant to do what you’re doing? Have you ever thought, I was meant to do something but what? What was I meant to do with my life?

I believe that every one of us was meant to do something great with our lives. In this short video I talk about failure and what it means for your goals and expectations. Please take a couple of minutes to watch this.

What did you think? Did anything I say resonate with you? Can you see what I was talking about? If you heard something that made sense and you received value from this, please share this video with someone and post a comment below.

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