How Much Are You Worth?

How much are you worth?

MT013 How Much Are You Worth thumbnailI have a question for you: How much are you worth?

I was in the bathroom earlier tonight and I almost dropped some money in the toilet. There were a couple of $20 bills and some other bills. All together it was close to $50.

Dropping $50 in the toilet is not the kind of thing that you want to happen to you, trust me. My heart stopped for a moment as I watched the money hit the seat and bounce… back onto the seat. Whew!

After my quick sense of relief, I thought to myself, “If the money had fallen into the toilet, I would have fished it out, cleaned it off, dried it and put it back into circulation.” Just like that. After all, it was nearly 50 bucks, and 50 bucks is 50 bucks! I think most people would probably do the same. Just because paper money gets wet, or dirty, or torn, doesn’t lessen it’s value, right?

So just how does all of that relate to people? Watch this video for my “Aha!” moment and then ask yourself: How much are you worth?

There you have it. Now that you watched the video, how much are you worth? This isn’t a quiz. I’m not asking how much are you worth to Facebook in terms of ad revenue. I’m not asking about your net worth or what your salary is (although can help you figure that out). You don’t need a worksheet for this one.

Okay, so it’s more of a rhetorical question but it’s a good one we all need to consider. Are you worth dusting off and putting yourself back into circulation? I think so. Heck, I know so.

I hope you received some value from this video. If you did, please post a comment below.

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All right. That’s it for this post. Take care and I’ll talk with you again soon.

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