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JMT_08092014 Port w John Maxwell smI spent an amazing four days at the John Maxwell Team Advanced Certification event in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend. After a rather early start and a 5:40 a.m. flight from Sacramento, I arrived in Orlando on Friday evening. Although I missed the “early” event Friday afternoon, I was fully present at every scheduled event afterward, and there were many!

I was encouraged to join the John Maxwell Team (JMT) by my friend and business associate, Misty Young (CEO of The Squeeze Inn chain of restaurants). She believed in me and in my vision and told me repeatedly that becoming part of the JMT would help propel me toward that vision and that I’d benefit from so many amazing new relationships with other visionaries.

I’m pleased to say she was correct. Things have already started accelerating and it sometimes feels that blessing after blessing are raining down on me, like the giant food in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs! The faculty are absolutely First Class. It was an absolute privilege and an honor to be trained by the likes of Paul Martinelli, Scott Fay, Christian Simpson, Melissa Malueg West, Ed DeCosta and Roddy Galbraith, each of them world class in their field.

It was also a great privilege to be mentored by a true master of leadership and public speaking, John C. Maxwell. He is not just a prolific author and great speaker, John Maxwell truly cares about people. I learned first hand how humble and how sincere he is about his goal of adding value to people he comes into contact with. I am blessed to now be one of those people in a very real and direct sense.

More importantly, I developed relationships with literally hundreds of new friends from around the world. The John Maxwell Team slogan says we’re “Building a Global Family of Professionals,” and I believe that’s true. I met and befriended like-minded visionaries from South Africa, Barbados, England, and many other countries.

I am now a proud John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker and Team Member. I’m excited beyond measure and I feel so blessed to share with you the things I’m learning.

Below are a few photos I took at the event.

Me and John C. Maxwell, world class leadership expert and speaker.

Me and John C. Maxwell, world class leadership expert and speaker. (0810/14)

Roddy Galbraith and me

Me and Roddy Galbraith, brilliant international speaking coach. (08/10/14)


The stage, bearing the flags of every country represented by the John Maxwell Team membership.

The stage bears the flags of every country represented by the JMT membership.

Minute with Maxwell - Patriot

On stage with fellow veterans to record a special Minute With Maxwell.

Andrew Fay, Daniel Dobrowsky, and Bob Moeck, with whom I was privileged to share a table.

Andrew Fay, Daniel Dobrowsky (S. Africa), & Bob Moeck, with whom I was privileged to share a table.

Me, Damian Johnson, and Ola Asubiaro (Netherlands).

Damian Johnson, and Ola Asubiaro (Netherlands) and me.

Me and Eduardo Bareg.

Eduardo Bareng.

Dr. Taunya A. Lowe.

Dr. Taunya A. Lowe.

Here’s to your success.


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