To Increase Your Success, You Must Attend Events

Photo of main stage screen during International Training EventThere’s a saying that “success leaves clues,” meaning that others have had great success and we can, too, by simply doing what they’ve done. There are a number of things that we need to focus on in order to see that success. One of them is belief. In my mindset seminars I talk about the “success cycle”: Belief, Expectations, Actions, and Results, and back to Belief.

  • Belief – what we believe, our core values – determines our expectations
  • Expectations influence our actions (i.e., our level of effort and commitment)
  • Actions lead to results
  • Results tend to reinforce our belief.

If our belief is shakey, we don’t expect good results, which typically leads to little action, which leads to poor results, which just reinforces our belief. The cool thing is that the same works in reverse! If our belief is strong, we expect good results, which leads to much more action, which leads to those good results we expected, which reinforces our belief. The cycle can work for you or against you. It all depends on your level of belief.

“The cycle can work for you or against you. It all depends on your level of belief.”

Photo of some of the 20 thousand people at an International Training EventSo what are some ways to build your belief? One of the best ways I know is to attend events. These events can be seminars in which you go listen to one or more speakers, or perhaps organizational events, such as an event put on by your company or organization (such as a sports team), The goal of the kind of events I’m referring to is to increase your belief in whatever thing it is you’re doing.

As many of you know, I am a network marketing professional and I’m involved with, in my opinion, the finest company out there. I recently attended one of our company’s events on the East Coast. The best way I can describe it is three days of intense training, personal development and belief-building in a concert environment.

Photo of John C Maxwell speaking on stage at International Training EventI got to spend time with more than 20,000 other people with whom I share the same long term vision and goals, I got to hear incredibly inspirationsal stories from people who’ve done what I’m doing, I got to meet celebrities and notable people who either endorse or are in my business, and I got some absolutely first-rate training from leadership expert John C. Maxwell. And I got all that for less than $200. That’s an absolute steal, my friends. (An hour with John C. Maxwell alone would cost you many times that amount.)

Photo of Mark Arsenault and business partner Joe CourtneyThe quality of each experience is going to vary, but what you take away from the event is up to you. In my case, the experience was easily worth ten times as much as I paid to attend. The energy alone of 20,000 people who are all excited about the same things I’m excited about will boost your belief. I am so convinced of the necessity – yes necessity – of these events for my success that I attend at least two major, international training events a year, sometimes as many as four a year, plus several regional events, and regular local events.

“The quality of each experience is going to vary, but what you take away from the event is up to you.”

And that doesn’t even include non-company-specific events, such as the Success symposium I attended last year, where I got to see and listen to speakers like Les Brown. You can ask anyone on my team; I am a huge proponent of events. In fact, I’m at an event today!

I’m telling you, if you want to increase your belief in order to have greater success in whatever it is that you’re doing, you need to attend events. Period.

So start looking for these events that can boost your belief. If you’re not in network marketing, like I am, you can look for motivational speaker events, faith-based events, training events, social networking events… whatever it is that applies to your goals and your dreams. Just get there. Your life will never be the same.

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