The Jen-Jen Chronicles Book 1: A New Home is now available

New juvenile fiction book series, by Best-selling author Mark T. Arsenault, addresses controversial subjects

September 9, 2017 (Elk Grove, CA): Gold Rush Publishing has released the first in a new series of juvenile fiction books titled The Jen-Jen Chronicles, by Amazon Best-selling author Mark T. Arsenault.

Jen-Jen Chronicles Book One A New Home cover

Book One, titled A New Home, tells the story about Jennifer, a bright 10-year-old girl who lives with her father, whom she just met less than a year ago. Sadly, Jennifer is the victim of neglect, as her father abuses drugs and often leaves Jennifer at home alone. When they are evicted for not paying rent, Jennifer’s dad sends her to a friend’s house the weekend, ostensibly so he can find a new place to live. That begins Jennifer’s new journey of discovery, in which she learns the true meaning of home and family.


While written for younger readers (The series is suggested for readers 11 and older), The Jen-Jen 


Chronicles deals with some serious subjects, including neglect and substance abuse. The publisher, Gold Rush Publishing, includes an advisory on the back cover, noting the book may not be suitable for some children without parental guidance and encouraging parents/guardians to discuss the story and topics in this book with their child.

“The subjects of neglect and substance abuse are handled in the context of the story, primarily from Jennifer’s perspective and in an age-appropriate way,” said author Mark Arsenault. “My goal was to have these things make sense to young readers, and to explain them in a way I would explain them to my own daughter.”


The book is meant to be not only a fictional story about a girl who faces and overcomes adversity, but also a vehicle through which parents, guardians, foster parents, and adoptive parents can help children they’re caring for understand the circumstances they may have faced in the past and which they may find themselves in presently.


“As a former foster parent and having provided respite care for other foster parents, I know first hand the challenges some of these children face,” Mark said. “I wanted to provide a story with a character these kids could relate to. Someone they could cry with, root for, and celebrate with.”

Mark says despite the serious topics that are addressed, and the fact that the main character still has issues to deal with at the end of the book, the book does have a happy ending.

“I think readers will be happy with the way things wind up,” said Arsenault. “Yes, Jennifer still has things to deal with, which will be addressed in future books, but there’s a satisfying resolution at the end. I’d say it has a happy ending.”

The Jen-Jen Chronicles Book 1: A New Home (ASIN: B075H62CZS) is now available for Kindle for just $2.99 (click here to buy it now) and is avilable for free to KindleUnlimited subscribers. Text-to-Speech, Word Wise, Lending, and Enhanced Typesetting are all enabled and Screen Reader is supported.

The paperback edition is 152-pages in a children’s reader-sized book (5.25 x 8″) with 14-point type. The paperback has a retail price of $7.99 and will be available September 22, 2017.

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About Mark Arsenault

Photo of Mark T. Arsenault, author of the best-seller Beat the Curve.Mark is a top selling and award-winning author of a number of books, including Beat the Curve with Brian Tracy and Semicolon; Memoir of a Colon Cancer Survivor. Mark has studied, researched, written and spoken for more than fifteen years in the fields of history, business, corrections and psychology. He’s been quoted in SUCCESS Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Mark is happily married and has two children. He has provided foster care, and also provided respite care for other foster parents. He is active in his community and donated time as a volunteer speaker with several community programs as a way to “pay forward” what he’s gained from his study of personal development.

To learn more about Mark’s work, visit his web site at Visit Mark’s author page on at

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