Vacation at the Beach, Not my J-O-B

JMFS 003 Vacation at the beach ThumbI’m on vacation in New England and enjoying my time at the beach, away from the job. In this video I’m on the White Sands beach in New Hampshire. The sound of the waves crashing and rolling onto the sandy shore is so calming and peaceful. This was the best vacation I could have taken.

This vacation has definitely given me new goals and drive to reach them as I continue on in my entrepreneurial endeavors!

This was the first time in almost 15 years that I’d been to the Atlantic Ocean and seen my family that lived there. Being at the ocean helped me get centered and gain perspective on things I’ve been doing.

As I walked along the beach I recorded a few thoughts. Nothing profound, except perhaps for me.

Thanks for watching the video. If you got value from it, please post your comments below.


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