Is Watching YouTube Videos BAD For You?

Video Thumb - Is watching YouTube videos bad for youThis morning I had a talk with my daughter about watching YouTube videos. Like any kid she enjoys watching silly videos, like cats playing the piano or whatever.

The problem is I’ve noticed she’s spending more and more time watching videos and less time watching educational videos (about dinosaurs or comets or whatever interests her at the time) and even less time doing things that don’t involve technology, such as writing letters, playing outside, and the like.

So, of course, like any good father, I had a brief discussion with her about it.

You want to know something? I think I may have learned just as valuable a lesson. Is watching YouTube videos BAD for you? Watch this video and find out what I learned.

It reminds me of a quote from Jim Rohn; “Poor people have big TVs. Rich people have big libraries.”

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