My Evening With the Overcomers

As some of you know, I volunteer at The Overcomers, a local ministry, where I teach (or rather, facilitate) a mindset class to the participants of the live-in program. My class is every other week. I truly enjoy my time with the people who attend the class and I wish it was more frequent.

Tonight marks the beginning of my third month volunteering at the program and, as usual, I had an excellent time tonight. I was very fortunate and blessed tonight, in particular. One of my work partners came out to the class, met the participants and spoke with them. The class’es reception was warm, as I was confident it would be, and several of the men expressed true gratitude for her coming out to spend time with them.

One of the great things about giving back to the community in this way is that it helps bridge the gap between “us” and “them.” My partner coming out to the class tonight just reinforces the idea to the participants that they have value, they have great potential and they are worth spending time with. Sometimes it takes someone else believing in us before we truly begin to believe in ourselves.

During the class, after my co-worker spoke, I presented a few short videos of Darren HardyAnthony Robbins, and Eric Thomas, which the attendees enjoyed. Those three speakers have had such a big influence on my own personal development, it’s a pleasure to “pay it forward” and introduce them to new viewers. (One of my favorite moments was watching the reaction of one young man when Darren Hardy was explaining the “glass full of dirty water” analogy.)

Toward the end of the hour we had a short question & answer period, where we discussed topics ranging from how to start mentoring others to life in the jail. The comments were heartfelt, frank and very “real.” They are honest, forthcoming, and eager to learn. Over all a great group of people with such amazing potential.

A year ago I would have barely imagined donating so much of my time to any “charity.” Today I can’t imagine not spending my time with the people in The Overcomers program. I just hope they are getting as much out of the experience as I am.


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