Photos from the Success 2013 event

Me and 29 friends, business associates and guests attended the Success 2013 symposium held in Sacramento, California, yesterday. The event was good, over all, although there were a few missteps (primarily associated with the change in venue, I believe). Hopefully they will have these issues fixed before the next event or hold it at a different venue.

There were some tremendous speakers in the lineup. My personal favorites were: motivational speaker Les Brown, whose energy, stories and humor brought the house down; Superbowl Champion and former San Francisco 49er quarterback Joe Montana, who brought some interesting insights on leadership; Former President and COO of Microsoft, Rick Belluzzo, who kept the audience’s attention with charisma and great anecdotes on leadership; Entertainment icon of more than five decades, Larry King, who kept us in stitches with his quips about success and his early days in the radio industry – fuggedaboutit!

Thanks to everyone who joined me for this event. It was great to see you all.

Below are some photos from the Success 2013 event. Enjoy!

Les Brown at Success 2013 in Sacramento

Les Brown shares his wisdom with the audience: “I’m not mentally fit to work for someone else for the rest of my life!”

Joe Montana at Success 2013 in Sacramento

Joe Montana, legendary NFL quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, takes the stage at the event.

Joe Montana at Success 2013 in Sacramento

Former Superbowl Champion 49ers quarterback Joe Montana talks to the audience about follow-through and leading your team to victory.

A DJ/spinmaster and Hip-Hop singer lead the crowd in a dance off after lunch to bring the energy up.

Beach ball alert! Part of the post-lunch festivities.

Legendary President and COO of Microsoft, Rick Belluzzo, teaches the attendees how to Manage, Lead and Succeed. “These are very challenging times. Commit to embrace change.”

Famous entertainer and talk show host Larry King riveted the crowd with his unique brand of humor and wisdom. “Never give up!”

Adam Markel at Success 2013 in Sacramento

Adam Markel emceed the event and gave a presentation toward the end. “I love my life! Say ‘Oh, yeah!’ “




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