Books I’ve Written

Below are some of my published books. Click here to visit my Author page on and my Author page on Goodreads.

New Releases

A New Home (The Jen-Jen Chronicles, Book One) - Available Now!Back on Track (The Jen-Jen Chronicles, Book Two) - Available Now!Blue October (The Jen-Jen Chronicles, Book Three) - Coming November, 2017

Recent Titles

Think Up! by Mark T. Arsenault book coverBeat the Curve book coverCover image of Semicolon by Mark T. Arsenault

The Truth About Self-Publishing - Front Cover imageThe Truth About Self-Publishing Workbook cover

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Past Titles

  • Gunslingers: Wild West Action! (Feb, 2004; by Mark T Arsenault and Ann Dupuis)
  • San Angelo: City of Heroes 1.5 (Feb, 2004; by Patrick Sweeney, Mark T. Arsenault, and Greg Lloyd)
  • The Dragon’s Gate: San Angelo’s Chinatown (Nov 7, 2003; by Evan Jamieson and Mark T. Arsenault)
  • What Does A Published Author Look Like? (Oct 24, 2003; by Mark T. Arsenault)
  • Shinobi Ryu: Ninja Clans of Nihon (Nov 15, 2002, by Darren-Jon Ashmore and Mark T. Arsenault)
  • Sengoku, Revised Edition (May 30, 2002; by Anthony J. Bryant and Mark T. Arsenault)
  • Action! System Core Rule Book (May 28, 2002; by Mark T. Arsenault, Ross Winn, and Patrick Sweeney)
  • The Legacy of Zorro (Jul 2001; by Mark Arsenault)
  • Shinobi: Shadows of Nihon (July 1, 2001; by Darren-Jon Ashmore and Mark T. Arsenault)
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Monsters (Dec 15, 2000; by Jason Prince and Mark Arsenault)
  • Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan (Aug 1, 1999; by Anthony J. Bryant and Mark T. Arsenault)
  • Enemies of San Angelo (July, 1999; by Mark Arsenault, Stephen Kenson, and Patrick Sweeney)
  • Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying Adventure Game (Oct 1998; by Greg Stolze and Mark Arsenault)
  • San Angelo: City of Heroes (Apr 1, 1998; by Patrick Sweeney, Mark T. Arsenault, and Steve Bryant)
  • Hidden Invasion (1994; by Paul Arden Lidberg and Mark T. Arsenault)
  • Corporations (1994, Hero Games; by Mark Arsenault & Geoff Berman)
 Other Projects I’ve Contributed To (other than as author)
  • Gamemastering Secrets , Book Design/Layout (July, 2002; Grey Ghost Press, Inc.)
  • Invasion of Monster Island, Book Design/Layout (July, 2003, Firefly Games)
  • Escape From Monster Island, Book Design/Layout (January, 2003; Firefly Games)
  • A Look Inside, Book Design/Layout (Dec, 2002; Golden Pillar Publishing)
  • Monster Island, Book Design/Layout (July 2002; Firefly Games)
  • Alien Earth, Book Design (March, 2002; Golden Pillar Publishing)
  • Heroic Adventures, Vol. 2 , Developer/Book Design (Aug 1, 1996; Gold Rush Games)
  • Heroic Adventures, Vol. 1, Developer/Book Design (1995, Gold Rush Games)
  • Night City Trax: Cyberpunk 2020 Soundtrack, Producer (1994, Gold Rush Games)

Awards & Nominations

  • Quilly® Award – Beat the Curve (National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®), 2016
  • Origins® Award, Best Roleplaying Game – Gamemastering Secrets (GAMA/Origins® Award), 2003
  • Grg D’Or Award Nominee – Sengoku (Guide du Roliste Galactique), 2002
  • Best Oriental RPG Book – Sengoku (Academy of Oriental RPGs), 2000
  • Origins Award Nominee, Best Roleplaying Game – Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying Game (GAMA/Origins Award), 1999
  • Best Historical Game – Sengoku (AniMail / Central Park Media), 1999
  • Origins Award Nominee, Best Roleplaying Game- Sengoku (GAMA/Origins Award), 1999
  • Origins Award Nominee, Best Roleplaying Supplement- San Angelo: City of Heroes  (GAMA/Origins Award), 1998