The Jen-Jen Chronicles


Book One: A New Home

Jen-Jen Chronicles Book One A New Home coverJennifer is a bright 10-year-old girl who lives with her daddy, whom she just met last year. She loves her daddy but he’s gone a lot and he leaves her alone. When they are evicted from their home and he can’t take care of her, he sends Jennifer to her friend Danielle’s for the weekend so he can find a new place to live.

That begins Jennifer’s new journey of discovery, in which she learns the true meaning of home and family.

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Book Two: Back on Track

Jennifer lives with her best friend and her family while her daddy finds them a new place to live. Jennifer’s back in school now and having fun with her new ‘sister,’ Danielle. Her dad promised her a birthday party at the trampoline park but he hasn’t visited Jennifer in two weeks.

She’s excited for the party but disappointed and mad at her dad for not visiting. To cope with her feelings she pretends everything is fine. When her feelings start coming out at confusing and sometimes embarrassing times, Jennifer learns that pushing your feelings down isn’t healthy. She must decide if she can trust the Arnolds enough to share her true feelings.

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Book Three: Blue October

Jennifer is off-track and out of school in October. Jennifer has a medical condition that’s getting worse but the Arnolds are unable to get her the treatment she needs.

Halloween is coming up and so is the end of Jennifer’s dad’s consent to stay at the Arnolds’ home. Will Jennifer get treated? Will she finally go back to live with her dad?

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Parental Advisory

While the books in the series are written for younger readers, The Jen-Jen Chronicles deals with the subjects of neglect, substance abuse, and other serious topics, albeit in an age-appropriate way. This book may not be suitable for some children without parental guidance. We encourage parents/guardians to discuss the story and topics in this book with your child.