Red Banner (Coming Soon)

Red Banner

Amazon Best-selling Author badgeby Mark T. Arsenault

Red Banner book coverRed Banner is the working title of a new fiction novel by Amazon Best-selling author Mark T. Arsenault.

Red Banner tells the story of Dylan “DC” Hunter, a young man struggling to deal with his circumstances. He finds himself in trouble with the law, which lands him behind bars. In his heart he wants a better life but feels like he’s not meant for anything other than a life behind bars like his father. As Dylan deals with the challenges and politics of life behind the wall, he meets a man with a different plan who teaches Dylan a different way to think.

Can Dylan accept this new way of thinking and change his ways or is he doomed to a life in prison?

Author Mark T. Arsenault draws on his personal experience of 10 years working in a correctional setting and the co-creator and facilitator of an in-custody gang diversion program to bring life to the descriptions and characters in the fictional book. The story sheds new light on the possibilities of reaching one’s true potential despite the challenges faced by ex-offenders.

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  • Softcover: XX pages (TBD)
    Publisher: Gold Rush Publishing
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1890305-XX-X (TBA)
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