Ray Higdon Top Earner Recruiting Secrets (Review)


I just finished Ray Higdon’s book, Top Earner Recruiting Secrets and I highly recommend it, especially for those in network marketing. There are plenty of mindset tips to make it valuable to anyone in any job that focuses on public contact or customer service. I’ve put some of his advice to work in both my full-time job and my primary business opportunity.

The real value of the book comes through when it’s in the hands of a network marketer, however. Anyone who owns a home-based business, no matter how much (or little) they’re earning, will get something out of this gem.

If you currently own a home-based business or are considering joining a direct selling or network marketing company, this is one of the books you should have in your virtual library. I’ve added it to my own Success Library.

If you’ve received value from any of the content on this web site and you’d like to support it, I encourage you to buy a copy through my Amazon.com affiliate link here: http://amzn.to/11YvXNa


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