Receive Your Blessings

All to often when people pray for something they don’t know how to receive theĀ blessings they prayed for.

JMFS 26 Receive the Blessings imageImagine someone praying for money. Soon thereafter a friend offers to loan them some money, but they decline the offer. One minute they’re praying for money but the next minute they’re declining the answer to that prayer. They literally ignored the blessings that they just prayed for.

People will often fail to receive the blessing because the answer isn’t what they wanted or thought they would receive.

It takes action to achieve your goals, but when the blessings start to come you have to receive them to keep them. Consider that just because the prayer isn’t answered the way we think it should be, doesn’t mean that the prayer wasn’t answered.

Watch this video to find our what I’m talking about.

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