Semicolon Honor Roll Announced

Semicolon Honor Roll to honor those diagnosed with colon cancer

Originally I was planning to have a section of the book (Semicolon) that listed many, many well known public figures who have had colon cancer. As I was looking over the hundreds of names I realized that most of the people named had died from the disease. While I agree they should be remembered in a positive way and in no way should their deaths be minimized, my wife said something to me that got me thinking. She said to me:

“Why don’t you ask people to submit the names of people in their lives who’ve had colon cancer and honor THOSE people in your book?”

“That’s a fantastic idea!” I exclaimed. (There’s a reason she’s called my better half.) And like that I have decided to change the focus of that chapter. I want to honor my fellow colorectal cancer (CRC) warriors, both survivors and those who have crossed the veil.

So if you — or someone you know — has or had colon cancer, and would like to be listed in the “Honor Roll” part of my upcoming book, please send their name and the age at which they were diagnosed. Send the info to me via e-mail to mark [at] semicolonthebook [dot] com, and put the words “Honor Roll” in the subject line.

The deadline for submitting a name is April 30th. (I have to cut off the submissions at some point if I’m to get the book published on schedule.) I will include as many names as I can of those submitted.

Please share this post with everyone you know who has been touched by colon cancer. Let’s honor as many names as possible in the book and hit that goal to raise a million dollars for colon cancer research!





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