Sit up Front and Engage With Your Life

Sit Up Front video thumbnail imageIn every classroom and at every event you’ll see people who choose to sit in the back. In the case of assigned seating, we have to sit where we’re assigned. But sometimes we have a choice where to sit. My advice: Sit up front.

I don’t mean sit in front of your computer all day or sit in the front seat of your car. “Sit up front” means sit in the front row of your own life. Be present in the activities in your life and engage with the people you interact with on a daily basis.

I was taught as a student to sit up front in my classes whenever possible. Why? So I could see the board better. So I could hear the teacher more clearly. I was more likely to engage in discussions (i.e., be called on to answer questions) if I couldn’t “hide” from the teacher. The combined impact was that my learning experience was improved by sitting up front.

In life, just as in school, we need to “engage” with those who enrich our lives. That means potentially everyone we meet, But even moreso with people who already mean a lot to us; our family, our kids, especially. Don’t be afraid to “sit up front” and engage with people. By being “present” in whatever situation you’re in, with whomever you’re in it with, you stand to gain so much more insight and experience.

This is the only life you have. Live it well. Decide to Sit up front, to engage, and gain the most from each and every experience.

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