Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

On Margaret’s Mind: Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

OMM 001 Thumb - Stop Comparing Yourself to Others imageMy wife, Margaret, is really stepping out and growing as a person and a leader. She’s accomplished a tremendous amount in a short amount of time. Among our business partners she’s definitely a go to person for questions and advice.

A mentor once told me, “There are people who will only hear your message from you. They won’t hear it from me, or from anyone else but you. Until you start sharing your message, those people will never hear it.” That stuck with me as profound and I shared that same philosophy with Margaret and encouraged her to create a video message of her own.

I’m proud to say she stepped out of her comfort zone and did it. This is the first of her video blogs, On Margaret’s Mind.

In this video she talks about an impactful lesson she learned from the book she’s reading, Wisdom from Women in the Bible: Giants of the Faith Speak into Our Lives, by John C. Maxwell.

Watch this video to hear her take-away from one chapter of the book.

I’m very proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone and in front of the camera to share some things she’s learned with you. Please show her some love, especially if her message to stop comparing yourself to other people resonates with you! Post a comment below and share this with someone you think would receive value from it.

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