The Matrix, Giving Yourself a Reality Check

The Matrix video thumbnail imageOver the last couple of weeks, my wife and I watched The Matrix trilogy with the kids. What does The Matrix have to do with your life? I believe there’s a very good lesson to be learned from the story in the movies.

The Matrix trilogy consists of The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded, and The Matrix: Revolutions. (There’s also a collection of animated short films, called Animatrix, but that’s outside the scope of this article. I really don’t need to geek out too badly here to make my point. But I digress.)

In the movies, Thomas Anderson (aka “Neo”) is approached by Morpheus and his team and offered a choice: Choose to know the truth and be set free or choose to ignore the truth and go back to his unremarkable, limited, “controlled” life. Of course, Neo chooses to know the truth. He soon learns that human beings are kept in stasis by a race of machines. What’s worse, humans are physically wired to a huge VR-like construct call the Matrix. The lives, memories and the very existence that people “know” is an illusion. It’s a lie.

“There is no spoon.” – Spoon Boy, The Matrix

There is a scene in The Matrix in which a young boy is bending a spoon with his mind. He hands the spoon to Neo and tells him, “There is no spoon.” You see, the spoon exists only in the Matrix. It doesn’t exist as a physical object at all. It’s merely a piece of code within the larger “virtual reality” construct known as the Matrix.

The boy helps Neo realize that manipulating the Matrix isn’t at all about focusing on any particular object. Objects don’t exist, so Neo can’t change them. He must change himself. “Metaphorically, it’s all in his head – he has to look inside to exact any control, to bring about even the smallest change.” (Source: The MATRIX 101)

In the same way, the “reality” that most people live in is one with many limitations that they, themselves, have created. They are false limitations. That is, they simply don’t exist, except in peoples’ minds. People who are open to new ways of thinking and the possibility that what they believe may be less than the truth are able to change their lives. Most people believe they cannot have great success, can only earn a limited salary each year, and so on.

When presented with the possibility that what they believe is wrong they often reject the information out of hand. Most people have been conditioned to believe that their potential is limited, in almost every substantial aspect of their life. The very idea that they are, in fact, capable of achieving a great level of success has never occurred to them. In a sense, they are living in a Matrix of belief.

Blue pill or red pill?

You have the choice whether to know the truth or to go back to sleep. Your own life is what you make it. If you do little, you gain little. If you do much, you can gain much. But you will only strive to achieve what you believe you can achieve. Knowing your amazing potential is critical if you’re to get anywhere close to reaching your true potential.

Watch this video to get my take on life lessons from the movie, and giving yourself a reality check to recognize false limitations in your life.

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