Updates about my upcoming book, Semicolon

I have several exciting updates about my book, Semicolon; Memoir of a Colon Cancer Survivor (ISBN: 978-1-890305-05-5), coming to print, e-book and audio book formats in June, 2014!

Darren Watts photoFirst off, I’m excited to tell you all that the manuscript has been sent to the new editor, Mr. Darren Watts. Mr. Watts has worked in the publishing industry for many years and has quite a resume, including former co-owner of the award-winning publishing company Hero Games, and author of amazing game books such as Millenium City, and Lucha Libre Hero.

His newest projects include The Fifth Doctor Sourcebook, which he wrote for Cubicle 7 Entertainment (for their Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG) and OmegaZone, which he edited for Brooklyn Indie Games.

Mr. Watts is an experienced writer, an accomplished business man, and I’m honored to say he’s also a good friend. Semicolon couldn’t be in more capable hands. I expect the final edits and review will be completed this month, at which time the book will go to layout.

Randy Henniger photoFor the second exciting update, I have the priviledge and honor to announce that Mr. Randy Henniger is writing the Foreword to SemicolonMr. Henniger is a 28-year fellow colon cancer survivor and author of the book Beating Cancer and Surviving the Cure (available at better book stores and on Amazon.com).

He was named the 2005 American Cancer Society Most Inspirational Colon Cancer Survivor, has been a Colon Cancer Alliance Buddy Program volunteer for 10 years and advocate, and is a guest speaker at ostomy and cancer support groups nation wide.

Mr. Henniger may be best known in the Northern California region for his work as a volunteer organizer of the Sacramento Undy 5000 colorectal cancer community outreach and fundraising event for the past three years.

Semicolon book coverIn yet more exciting news, I’ve been in touch with Geetha Ananthakrishnan, the Development Manager for the Colon Cancer Alliance, regarding my donating proceeds from sales of Semicolon to colon cancer research. We’ll be talking on the phone next week about the possibility of me partnering with the CCA. I sent her an unedited copy of the manuscript to review prior to our chat next week.

As you may remember, my goal is to raise $1 Million or colon cancer research. A partnership with the CCA would go a long way toward reaching that goal! I’ll let you all know how it goes after we talk.

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me. I believe that things work out the way they’re supposed to and that God uses all things for your good. So no matter what comes of this, we’re headed for great things with the release of this book!

I am more excited than ever about this book being published. So many fantastic people are a part of this project. I am so very blessed, and as confident as ever that we will reach our goal of donating $1 Million to colon cancer research!


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