Being Well-Rounded is Important to Your Growth

MT015 Being Well-Rounded thumbnail imageIs it important to be well-rounded?

You’ve heard the expression “a well rounded person.” What does that mean, exactly? According to, well-rounded is defined as, “fully developed; well-balanced.” That definition seems apropos as this blog relates to personal development.

Our lives can be broken down into a handful of key components or aspects. We have a physical aspect to our lives, a spiritual aspect, family and relationships, and so on. We also have a mental aspect (knowledge and wisdom). What if we could measure those aspects and see just what areas we needed to work on in order to grow as a person? Is it important to be a well-rounded person? Absolutely.

Being well-rounded means having developed skills in several areas. Maybe one skill – or set of skills – doesn’t allow you to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle. A well-rounded person has others to fall back on. In more general terms, being well-rounded in the aspects I mentioned above means more overall success.

Life Assessment

Being Well Rounded - Life assessment graph imageOne of my mentors, Mr. Darren Hardy, has done just that. He created a Life Assessment that takes your own self-evaluations in each of these areas and puts the results on a visual graph. This graph allows you to immediately see what areas you need to work on in order to experience personal growth as well as to become more well-rounded. The goal is not only to have a more-or-less round, indicating that you’re life is balanced in the various areas, but you also want that circle to push outwards toward the edge, indicating growth.

Someone who isn’t well-rounded may be financially well-to-do (scoring a 9 in the Business category) but perhaps their relationship with their family suffers as a result (scoring a 2 in that category). Or maybe they’re exercise fanatics are in tremendous physical shape, scoring an 8 in the Physical category of the Life Assessment, but they don’t focus enough on their job so professionally they aren’t doing well at all, scoring a 3 or 4 on the Life Assessment.

If you’ve never completed this Life Assessment I encourage you to do so. In fact, I encourage you to do it every six months, so you can not only get a starting point for your development but track how you grow and in what areas that growth is occurring.

In today’s video I talk a bit about becoming well-rounded and why it’s important.

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