What’s True Isn’t Always the Truth

What You Know is True May Not Be the Truth

What's True Isn't Always the Truth video thumbnail imageRemember when you knew something was true? There was no question in your mind that what you knew was absolutely true. But then you found out the whole story? All of a sudden you realized that what you know is true isn’t always the truth.

Andy Andrews recently talked about this in an interview. He gives an example of playing a game in his swimming pool as a kid, where he and his friends would take turns going under water and swimming up and seeing who could jump the highest out of the water. Everyone knew that it was only possible to jump a foot or so out of the water. It simply wasn’t physically possible for any of them to gain enough momentum to jump any higher out of the water.

Until one day when one of them did something different. He does something nobody else had thought about and, as a result, he was able to jump higher than anyone else. All of a sudden, what everyone knew was true wasn’t the truth. While it was true no one could jump any higher — the way they had been doing it — the truth was that they could all jump higher than they had been.

Understand that what we know to be true is based on our experiences. Always be open to the fact that what we know is true may not constitute the entire truth. In fact, I will go so far as to say that we know as true is very seldom the truth.

Keep an open mind, especially when it comes to challenging what we “know” to be true. When you hear something that isn’t congruent with what you know is true, try to imagine a way to explain the new information (like in the “swimming and jumping out of the water” example above or the twisting your body example in the video).

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