When to Make a Sacrifice

How do you know if you should make a sacrifice?

When to Make a Sacrifice video thumbnail imageWhen should you make a sacrifice? In short, make sure your sacrifices are sincere and will benefit you. If you ‘re sacrificing something because you don’t believe you’re worthy of receiving it, that’s a red flag.

For example, if you don’t buy yourself something at the grocery store because you’re making yourself go without it for no reason other than withholding it from yourself, that can be a bad sign.

Have you ever been in the grocery store, looked at something you’d love to get but didn’t? I’ve been in that situation and thought everything from “I can save five cents by buying a generic brand,” or “I really don’t need this right now. Maybe I’ll get it later,” or flat out telling myself, “You don’t deserve that. Forget about it.” All of these are, as far as I’m concerned, unhealthy decisions. It’s simply depriving ourselves out of a mindset of lack and unworthiness.

So what about healthy sacrifice? A genuine sacrifice, such as not buying a candy bar or chips because you’re trying to lose weight, is a legitimate sacrifice. Those are the kind of sacrifices that you should be rewarded for making. Sacrificing one’s time to spend with a loved one is arguably one of the greatest and most legitimate kinds of sacrifice there is (the greatest, of course, is to lay down your life for your friends.

According to an article in Psychology Today, “genuine sacrifices are good and selfish sacrifices are bad.” Seems like common sense, of course. The article goes on to say, “it can be difficult for us to be honest with ourselves about our reasons for engaging in certain behaviors.” Therefor, know why you’re making the sacrifice. If it’s to avoid a negative consequence it may not be the best move for you. On the other hand, if it’s to gain something for yourself (freedom, clarity, self-actualization) then it’s probably a good thing.

Check out my video for more of my thoughts on making sacrifices.

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