Where Do All the Haters Go?

Did you ever wonder where all the haters go?

Where Do All The Haters Go video thumbnail imageI had a talk with my daughter recently about being yourself. We teach her to be the “authentic you,” and to pursue the things that make her happy. Trying to be someone you’re not to attract someone into your life will only backfire. By being yourself — by being the true and authentic you — you will attract those people who value and appreciate you. Don’t worry about trying to impress anyone. So, where do all the haters go? When you’re true to yourself they will eventually fall off. They disappear.

Every person who does something positive, who goes against the grain, has haters. Every successful person in the world has haters. The trick is to ignore them. If what you were doing weren’t simply holding a mirror up to them, revealing their own lack of effort to affect positive change, the haters wouldn’t care. But you’re a winner, and you’re courageous. You’re working toward a goal and getting outside your comfort zone.

Let’s face it. Haters are happiest not just when you comply with the masses but when you’re actually doing worse than the average Joe. Why? The reason is simple. Haters don’t want to be reminded that they’re not doing anything to get out of their mediocre life. They don’t want to get revealed for the uninspired, fearful people they really are. So they cast ridicule and discouragement — if not outright humiliation — on anyone who is trying to do something to better their situation. It may even be well-intentioned (in their mind).

Ignore them anyway.

Watch my video below for more of my thoughts about where all the haters go.

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