Whose Fan Are You?

Football Season is Here! Whose Fan Are You?

Whose Fan Are You video thumbnail imageFootball season is upon us. Not football (known in the U.S. as soccer), but American Football. As I post this we’re in the midst of pre-season. As the saying goes, “At the beginning of the season, everyone is undefeated.” Are you a fan of football? How about baseball? Maybe you’re a fan of MLS soccer or the NBA. No matter what your sport of choice is, you probably have a favorite team. I enjoy football and my team is the Patriots. (Don’t judge me.) So, whose fan are you?

What is a ‘fan?’

That the term “fan” is short for “fanatic” What is a fanatic? According to Dictionary.com a fanatic is “a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.” Or sports. This term easily applies to many sports team enthusiasts.

How much do fans spend on team merch?

No matter which team you support (or “live for”), if you’re a true fan you’ve got at least one piece of team merchandise. Many fans collect a lot of team gear. How much fans spend annually depends on various factors, including: the team’s win-loss record and whether the fan is in a small community or a big city. Fans may spend up to several thousand dollars, or more, each year.

What do they get for that financial investment? They can experience live sports events (games), sit in furniture and have all manner of household items decorated in their team’s colors and perhaps adorned with the team logo. They likely have one or more jerseys with a popular player’s number and name on the back.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much money professional athletes make? No doubt you have. Their income is tied to how much money fans spend. The more popular a team is and the more fans spend on games and merchandise, the more the franchise can pay its players. With all of the financial support fans provide their teams and star players on those teams, have you ever wondered what we’re really spending money on?

Is it money well spent?

I’m all for enjoying sports and even having something to show support for our favorite team, but the next time you consider spending $200 on a jersey with someone else’s name on it, ask yourself a few questions.

Am I doing what that person is doing? Wearing their jersey doesn’t make me as athletically talented as they are. It doesn’t put food on my table or elevate my family’s situation in the slightest. If anything, spending money on a jersey takes away from my family. Does that athlete or that team buy tickets to watch me perform? Do they spend money providing for my income? Do any of them wear my name on their jersey?

What if the money that we spent on sports gear was spent instead, on personal development? What if we invested in a college class, or a certification course to make us more valuable in the marketplace? What if we spent that money to attend a live training conference, or to purchase books written by successful people to go into our library?

What if we valued our own potential at least as much as we valued our favorite athlete’s? Watch this video for more of my thoughts about the question, “Whose fan are you?”

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