Why You Should Keep an Organizer

Why you should keep an organizer - organizer photoNot long ago I learned a very valuable lesson about the importance of maintaining an organizer or appointment book. I bought an organizer not long ago after hearing several highly successful people talk about how important they were. You could say my mentors were telling me to “Get an organizer!” So I did.

The first week I was diligent about documenting my appointments and the various important things on my “To Do” list. A couple weeks later, however, I started slacking off a bit. I let “stinkin’ thinkin'” creep into my head and I accepted some lame old excuses for not maintaining it. You’re probably familiar with the excuses. They include:

  • I’ll remember that
  • I’ll write it in the organizer later
  • I’m too tired to get to it right now

You’ve probably guessed how this story turns out. After a couple of weeks I made the decision to get back on track and start using the organizer more diligently. I opened it up to see what appointments I had coming up. As I looked down onto the page covering a previous week I saw it. I had missed an appointment!

I don’t need to tell you that missing an appointment not only isn’t professional but it can down right destroy your credibility with the prospective client (or partner). I felt completely ashamed and stupid. If I had just followed the simple advice of other successful people I would have made the appointment and I might have signed one more customer. As it is my poor choices have forced me into “damage control” mode.

The moral of the story is: Do the simple things that will lead to success. That includes buying and maintaining an organizer!

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